We are renting apartments in Oberaudorf. This is a small village 80 km south of Munich. Oberaudorf is located off center in a large bowl , surrounded by the mighty Kaiser mountain in the South, Spitzstein to the East, and Brünnstein to the West. Kranzhorn and Wildbarren are like the pillars of a huge gate in the North separating this valley from the hilly pre-Alp region. 


Oberaudorf am Inn - View to the Kaiser

To the South-East you see the Kaiser (above) and to the West is the Brünnstein (below).

About 2 km from the center of the village is Bad-Trisslstr. 59b, an apartment building in a large property surrounded by trees.

  There are 12 apartments for rent. The apartment building is within short walking distance to the Trissl Klinik, a rehabilitation hospital.

Map of Oberaudorf


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