Sport possibilities near Oberaudorf

  • Tennis

There are 4 sand tennis courts right around the corner, close to the Trissl Clinik. The courts belong to the "Oberaudorfer Tennisclub". There is a Tennis hall and more courts close to the Autobahn.

  • Golf

The closest golf course is in Maxlrain near Rosenheim. Maxlrain has also a very drinkable Bavarian beer. (45 min by car)

  • Riding

There is a riding club where one can also rent horses in Kufstein. (20 min by car)

  • Swimming

There a number of natural lakes around Oberaudorf and some lakes that where formed when the they were building the autobahn, the so called "Baggerseen". Some of them are very nice. One of them has even a t-bar lift for water skiing.

  1. Hechtsee
  2. Thiersee
  3. Walchsee
  4. Baggersee in Niederaudorf
  5. Baggersee near the border to Niederndorf
  6. Baggersee on the way to Kiefersfelden (t-bar lift) 

Oberaudorf has a swimming pool with in-doors and out side swimming and a place for little children. Then there is a man-made lake Luegsteinsee which has a bathing-establishment ("Badeabstalt"). 

  • Minigolf
  • Soccer

The soccer fields are near the autobahn. Watch the team of Oberaudorf.



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