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Hiking and Mountain Climbing

In Oberaudorf you are surrounded by marvelous opportunities for hiking and mountain climbing.


The wooded mountain in the North-West Corner of the bowl in which Oberaudorf  is located.

This is one of the few mountains that has no "Gasthaus" on the top. Therefore you will be all alone hiking to its top. I enjoy it particular, you have orient yourself to hike to the "Grauen Stein". This is a granite block which was carried by the glaciers of the ice age to its present location. Then you basically just go uphill to the top of the mountain. You will find lonely meadows, small swamps and springs with the best water. 

If you really need a guest house, descend direction West to the Bichler See.


This is the mountain in the West of Oberaudorf. It has a very nice guest house near the top. You can hike with children and you can choose 4 approaches.

  1. Go via Buchau und Lengalp, about 3 hours form the door of the apartment.
  2. Go via Buchau und Brünnsteintal, about 2.5 hours.
  3. Approach via the big road, via Dörfel - not recommended
  4. Drive to Kiefersfelden and approach via the Oberaudorfer Alm - the most beautiful hike. 

Kaiser Gebirge

This is the mountain range in the South- East corner. I will add later a description about this area. For mountain climbers, there are places like "Fleischbank" (meat bank), "Totenkirchl" (death church), which tell you already that these are challenges that you need to take serious. 

For hikers (some harmless climbing is required) you can go around these rock walls going from Kufstein to the "Stripsenjoch" via Vorderkaiserfelden, then to the South and via the "Ellmauer Tor" down to Hinterbärenbad and back to Kufstein. This is a tour of 10 hours hard walking, and you might do it in two days by staying overnight in the "Stripsenjoch Haus".


Spitzstein is the mountain in the East-North corner. In the meantime you can nearly drive to the top via Erl.


Kranzhorn is next to the Spitzstein in the North-East corner, opposite the Wildbarren. You can drive half the way up and then it is a short (1-2 hour) hike to the top. It has no guest house, but in Erl visit the "Blaue Quelle".



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