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AKos GmbH markets software for several companies. All the software enhance each other and there are no competitive products.
PASS PASS predicts with high accuracy (70-80%)  up to 4000 biological activities for your compounds. As input you only need the 2D structure. This is one of the most successful programs giving you early indications if your compounds might be useful. PASS
AKos GmbH


AKos GmbH is developing and providing:

Personal Chemistry Client (PCC) - a software to search browse and print data from SDFiles. It is free!

CWM Lead Finder - a further development using PASS to predict with minimum user interaction highly accurate new leads.

iScienceSearch - the allows you to search over many millions of compounds on the Internet.

SDFile Viewer - this is a small utility to view SDFiles or other very large files. You cannot open such large files in Notepad. This tool was provided by Dr. Peter Zbinden.




CWM Lead Finder



SDFile Viewer



Miner3D Miner3D.excel translates Excel data into interactive 3D information space with data immersion, visual navigation, analysis, datamining, filtering, cherry-picking, charting and reporting. Miner3D
CompuDrug ADME and evaluation and prediction by Pallas
  • Rule of Five evaluation
  • Predicting metabolism pathways in humans, animals, and plants
  • Estimating toxic symptoms of organic compounds in humans and animals
  • logP, pKa, logD calculation
  • Prodrug design by RetroMex of Pallas
  • Emil serendipity enhancer and knowledge base management
  • Identifying potential false positive compounds at cell based high, medium and low throughput screening assays by ToxAlert of Pallas

Lead Optimization

  • Emil serendipity enhancer and knowledge base management
  • Lost the in vitro activity in vivo? MexAlert of Pallas identifies first pass effect.

For the analytical lab

  • Method development and optimization for HPLC techniques by Eluex

For agrochemical research:

  • Light stability prediction of agrochemical candidates by the Agro version of Pallas Metabolexpert.
Mat Port MSIT is a database of evaluated phase diagrams. MatPort
Elsevier Information Systems GmbH CrossFire Beilstein, CrossFire Gmelin, Patent Chemistry Database, xPharm, PharmaPendium, Commander, Autonom are distributed not any longer by AKos GmbH.  


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