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Phase Diagrams Online

Now you can get a license at www.matport.com to access the collection of over 3500 ternary evaluations via the Internet. One evaluation is derived from many literature references, sometimes these references number more than 200. Specialist have reviewed the literature and offer you not information but KNOWLEDGE!

An example can illustrate this. If you look in Gmelin for the eutectic temperature of the system Al-Fe-Si (Figure 1) you will find 19 references and 9 values for the eutectic temperature. In the MSIT Workplace (Figure 2) you will see E1 in the liquidus surface of the system Al-Fe-Si,and if you click on it you see the table with one temperature of 573 degree C. This is the evaluated value, and this value was extracted not from 19 references, but ca. 270 references build the basis for the description of the Al-Fe-Si system.

Figure 1: Screenshot of Gmelin using the Commander user interface searching for Eutectic Temperature and Al, Fe, and Si.

Figure 2: Screenshot of the system Al-Fe-Si in the online version of MSIT Workplace.

The MSIT Workplace consists of  (1) MSIT Connect, an interactive client software to manipulate data and figures, (2) the Internet communication part (Science Forum, with info channels for ongoing research projects and  (3) data, diagrams, evaluation reports and citations from 1900 and ongoing.

Presently, new information relating to some 3500 systems (element combination) is published, yearly. One of the main issues we hear from the heads of laboratories is the tremendous effort to find data and phase diagrams dispersed over ca. 300 journals, many languages and decades in time.

What, if there were a way to get the exhaustive information of an element combination by clicking on the element symbols in the periodic table?

 Figure: Screenshots of MSIT Connect 


 You might not have the man power to tackle research projects yourself. Outsource your problems to our MSI Team. We do the project management involving those academic coworker that are specialists in this problem area. We do research projects since many years, and if you are interested in references, we are pleased to provide these. 

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