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The largest glass property database SciGlass 7.7 contains data for more than 360 thousand glass compositions including more than 16 thousand halide and about 35 thousand chalcogenide glasses. It provides also property predictions and calculations, help you solve R&D problems. SciGlass 7.7 is packed with integrated features for speed, ease of use, and flexibility.

SciGlass 7.7 Features

Glass Properties. Practically all broadly used physical and chemical properties of glasses and glass-forming melts with concise but informative description of syntheses and measurement procedures.

Glasses. 360,293 glasses and melts, including more than 268,000 oxide glasses and melts, 16,500 halide and 36,500 chalcogenide glasses.
The data were taken from more than 35,800 literature sources including more than 15,700 patents.

Property Calculations. Over 100 computational methods to compute the properties in 15 groups (e.g., viscosity, density, mechanical, optical), many of them in broad temperature ranges. Prediction  of properties of oxide, halide, and chalcogenide glasses is possible in wide concentration ranges.

Ternary Diagrams of Glass Formation.
More than 3,800 ternary diagrams of glass formation.

Optical Spectra. More than 12,000 optical spectra (from UV to near IR) for glasses and melts with 96 different ways to represent spectra.

Ternary Property Diagram. Automatically generate isoproperty lines versus composition and compare calculated and experimental property values for ternary compositions.

Statistical Analysis. Find best computational method from least squares fit of calculated and experimental values to insure best method can be applied to your glass composition.

Patent and Trademark Index. Over 15,000 international patents and 1,000 trademarks; complete information on usage, country, company, composition, property table, author, and TM symbol.

Subject Index. Explore hundreds of specialized subjects (e.g., diffusion of specific gases & ions), which are difficult to find by other ways.

Chemical Durability of Glasses. Pertinent data on about 32,000 glasses as well as access to a large compendium on standard durability testing methods.

Optimization of Glass Compositions. Find the most perspective glass compositions meeting a complex of requirements on specific values of their properties

Free Demo Version. You can try to use all functions of SciGlass, except for user data input, with a small portion of data (~4500 glass compositions) for 30 days. Try right now!

SciGlass on the Web: http://www.sciglassweb.com
The Web version allows the basic functionality of the SciGlass database by using your Web browser.
You can run queries for glasses and tables, view the author and patent indexes, use SciGlass Calculator, etc. Free trial is available right now!

Now Windows 7 compatible:
The latest version of SciGlass is compatible with MS Windows 7 SP1 32bit.



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