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AKos GmbH Newsletter October 2011

AKos Consulting & Solutions Deutschland GmbH
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Every chemist and biologist CWM Global Search - new generation
Accelrys new academic pricing model
Chemical Information System Supervisors
Modelers in Academia new academic pricing model of Accelrys

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CWM Global Search allows searching the Internet by structure, synonym and CAS Registry Number. In a Quick Search, we return structure, names and CAS Registry Numbers* within seconds. The Global Search allows a comprehensive search and the resulting links are organized by topics. A search by name can automatically invoke another search by structure and/or CAS Registry Number, or any combination of these. CWM Global Search presently searches 50 free chemical and pharma relevant databases  -- containing more than 100 million pages which associate chemical structures with data.

You can participate in the beta test by clicking  http://cwmglobalsearch.com/gswebdev in your Internet Explorer or Firefox on Windows, or Safari on Macintosh. The beta test runs until November 15, 2011.

The aim of the ‘Next Generation’ CWM Global Search was to offer a  new ‘state of the art’, more modern ,user interface (UI). With the new UI you can now resize most of  aspects of the UI, Pin (Autohide) UI elements.
As well we introduced (Office like) Ribbon bars.In addition, there are new features implemented, such as export of results to Excel and Word and html. In this release you can ‘keep’ your complete search history BOTH queries AND results during a session. As well, you can save all queries and results to disk, and open them again in a later session.
This release uses as often as possible grids to render data. You can sort and filter in grids. We support copy & paste, and delete. 

Finally we added a couple of new datasources, such as Sigma Aldrich, Quertle, ChEMBL, ECHA(Reach), euSDB(Safety), Chemeo(Physical properties), Toxin TargetDB, Human MetaboliteDB.

At the first time you will be asked to install the Microsoft Silverlight Plug-In, provided it is not already installed. We recommend to start by reading the installation notes at cwmglobalsearch.com/installation
The full version is 240 Euro per user per year.

Please send any feedback to support(.at.)akosgmbh.eu

New academic pricing model

  • The user can choose packages.

    • Base package for MS, DS, and for Pipeline Pilot

    • Additional packages can be licensed

    • A permanent license is 3 times the annual license

    • There is a discounted price for taking all packages of either DS, MS or Pipeline Pilot.

  • Parallelized codes have no CPU limits. There is a limit of 10 individual instance of the modules being run at any given time.

  • The maintenance is divided:

    • Installation service and upgrade are 10% of the license fee

    • Access to the hotline can be purchased separately

Please ask for detailed information. Send and email to software(.at.)akosgmbh.de.

Accelrys Unveils  Enterprise-Wide Cheminformatics Suite

The Accelrys Cheminformatics Suite features an all-new Web-based chemical registration system that gives scientists a simple, intuitive way to register the molecules they create, and an update to the industry-leading chemical data cartridge for managing structure and reaction databases in the Oracle® environment. Built on the Accelrys R&D platform, the Cheminformatics Suite underpins the Data Management and Informatics pillar of the Accelrys Enterprise R&D Architecture.


The Cheminformatics Suite meets the end-to-end needs of scientists to access, manage, analyze, report and share scientific information in a unified environment that ensures consistency, accuracy and completeness of the chemistry and associated data being represented. Key applications include:
  • Accelrys Chemical and Biological Registration — Secure capture and management of small molecules, biological entities and reactions from within a Web client or from another application such as an electronic lab notebook via Web services
  • Accelrys Database Search and Visualization — Web-based data access, searching and mining capabilities and visual data exploration
  • Accelrys Draw — Accurate, industry-standard structure drawing, editing and viewing for small molecules, reactions, biological sequences and chemically intelligent queries
  • Accelrys Isentris — Data access, searching and mining capabilities, synthesis planning and visual exploration through desktop and Microsoft Excel-based clients
  • Accelrys Direct — Industry-leading data cartridge for registering, searching and retrieving molecules, reactions and chemically modified biologics in Oracle® databases
  • HEOS® by SCYNEXIS — Cloud-based system supporting real-time data sharing for multi-company collaborative discovery projects

Webinars by Accelrys

Date Title and Speaker
Oct 26
8am PDT
(3pm GMT)

Introducing Accelrys Chemical Registration 3.0
Keith Taylor, Advisory Product Manager, Accelrys, and Rob Brown, Senior Director Life Science Marketing, Accelrys

Register Now 8am PDT
(3pm GMT)
Nov 3
8am PDT
(3pm GMT)

Introducing HEOS® by SCYNEXIS – a cloud-based collaborative drug discovery workspace
Rob Brown, Senior Director Life Science Marketing, Accelrys, and Frederic Bost, Director, SCYNEXIS

Register Now 8am PDT
(3pm GMT)
Nov 10
8am PST
(4pm GMT)

Introducing Accelrys Direct 8.0
Rob Brown, Senior Director Life Science Marketing, Accelrys and Keith Taylor, Advisory Product Manager, Accelrys

Register Now 8am PST
(4pm GMT)
Nov 17
8am PST
(4pm GMT)

Configuring Accelrys Chemical Registration 3.0
Keith Taylor, Advisory Product Manager, Accelrys
Ian Buchan, Technical Director, Cheminformatics R&D, Accelrys

Register Now 8am PST
(4pm GMT)
Dec 8
8am PST
(4pm GMT)

Biological Data Management with the New Accelrys BioRails Products
Clifford Baron, Director of Biology Product Marketing, Accelrys
Andrew Lemon, Managing Director, The Edge

Register Now 8am PST
(4pm GMT)

AKos GmbH develops independently CWM Global Search, is broker for screening compounds, consulting services, and software, like PASS and Accelrys. The sales area for Accelrys are  Russia (only commercial), Ukraine, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Belarus, non-exclusive academia in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.