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June 2016

  ChemSpec 2016 in Basel  

It was a pleasure to talk to many suppliers during the ChemSpec 2016 in Basel. With most of them we talked about our free iScienceSearch, the “Google” for chemists.
Business we have to do with selling research samples, customs synthesis, adverti-sing, and programming servi-ces.

  AKos GmbH - distributor of compounds and software  

AKos GmbH distributes building blocks and screening samples. We have the trust of hundreds of customers, from multinational pharmaceutical companies to university research labs across the globe. With over 16 years of experience in supplying research molecules, AKos GmbH has the knowledge, experience and systems to

  • manage effectively custom inquiries,

  • communicate with supplier and customer until

  • the compounds are shipped in a timely manner,

  • at a good price.

  Custom Synthesis  


In 16 years our sample database AKosSamples grew to over 26 million structures. About 6 million samples are classified as “on stock”. For the remaining 20 million compounds we need  custom synthesis.

  Add you compounds to AKosSamples  

We are able to satisfy customer orders by sourcing compounds from different suppliers. We invite you to add your compounds to AKosSamples. This is free. Please contact us for details. 

26 million building blocks and screening compounds

  iScienceSearch - The Internet search engine for chemists  

We also need a powerful search engine for the Internet user to search in AKosSamples. We went further than anybody else to make this a widely used application and developed iScienceSearch.
With iScienceSearch the user can search the Internet for any chemical question. We make a federated search over 100 free databases on the Internet. Even so we show basically “all” suppliers for a compound this has not hindered customers to inquire in AKosSamples.

We show basically “all” suppliers for a compound this has not hindered customers to inquire in AKosSamples. If a user searches for a chemical name, we extend the query in the background by finding in other Internet databases more names, the CAS Registry Number, structure, InChI, etc. and extend this search. In this way we provide for instance the most extensive search for suppliers of compounds, better than Google, and much wider than SciFinder.

  Background why you should advertise in iScienceSearch  

There is no keyword for finding your site with Google, if one does not know you exist.

You are a supplier of chemicals. Is there a keyword for Google how a customer would find your site,  if he is looking for a compound with CAS Registry Number 120-57-0? – No there is no keyword, the customer is looking for 120-57-0, and he might find you on page 2 or 3 in Google, or not at all. If the customer has any experience, he is not using Google, but he searches in a portal (or database) like PubChem, ChemSpider, SciFinder, ChemExper, Chemical Book, …. ZINC, or iScienceSearch.

Qualified traffic: Over 50% of the user are doing a structure based search in iScienceSearch . The majority of the users are chemists.

  Advertise in iScienceSearch  

You can advertise your products in iScienceSearch. Your company’s database can become a source in iScienceSearch. For details, please contact us.

You can display 2 pictures and a web page for 500 Euro for 6 month.


  Improve your web site  –  Hop-into iScienceSearch  
Introduction & purpose: There are many chemical suppliers with chemical search systems that would benefit by adding additional information like MSDS, or by a search over “all” synonyms. Some systems even lack the possibility to search by structure or substructure.

Method: iScienceSearch is a meta search engine that searches simultaneously ca. 100 databases in the background. iScienceSearch can easily be integrated in any website. This means anyone having a chemical search application, like a supplier, can use a query or a result from his web site and transfer it seamlessly to iScienceSearch. Simply add an URL in format or to your website. 

Results: If you search in a supplier’s web page you can access data seamlessly from the Internet, or find hits via synonyms, without having synonyms managed in the supplier’s application. 

Conclusion: A supplier can enhance his web page considerably with very little effort.

  Progamming Services  

We are selling chemoinformatics software since 30 years. We employ a number of very skilled programmers.

Typical issues:

  • Build a chemical structure based in-house database.

  • Add the possibility to search the in-house data at the Internet.

  • Add data automatically from the Internet to your in-house data, i.e. CAS Registry Nnumbers, names, physical data, etc.

  • Standardize structures, check the proper drawing of structures, correct wrong names automatically.

  • Provide a system to manage daily email inquiries for compounds.

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ChemSpec 2016

AKos GmbH –distributor of compounds and software

AKosSamples – add your collection

Custom synthesis

iScienceSearch- The Internet search engine for chemists

Background why you should advertise in iScienceSearch

Advertise in iScienceSearch

Improve your website - Hop-into IscienceSearch

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