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You can advertise in iScienceSearch. 60% of the users are making structure queries. The audience consists of predominantly research chemists. This enables you to target your advertisement to a very select group.

We display pictures that should be optimized to 300 x 300 pixels and should be about 50K in size. The same picture should be optimized to 150 x 150 pixels for display on laptop screens. You also can show a complete webpage (e.g. your homepage or any other page from your website) that can be zoomed and shown in a DHTML (Dynamic HTML) window. This way you can zoom the webpage even in case pop-up blockers are activated.

The prices given below are for displaying the pictures or html pages for 6 month. After 6 month you will get a statistic showing how often your page was shown and how often somebody zoomed in to your picture or html page.

  Picture 300x300 pixel HTML page (URL)
Display in start page 100 100
Display in text page 100 100
Display in structure page 200 200
Package 1: Display in all three page 300 300
Package 2: Display picture and HTML in all three pages 500

Please send an email to software@akosgmbh.de for further inquiries.