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Alexander Kos (AKos Consulting & Solutions GmbH, Germany)
Dr. Joachim Alexander Kos has studied at the University in Munich, and received his Ph.D. degree from the University California, Santa Barbara on work on strained olefins in 1976.

From 1976 -1984 he was part of Prof. Paul v. Rague Schleyer's group in Erlangen. During this time he published more than 25 papers with ab inition calculations, many of them about lithium compounds.

1984 Alexander Kos joined Molecular Design Limited (MDL) , then a 40 man company in California,and with two employees in Basel, Switzerland.  He started as a technical assistant at MDL helping to support the sales of the first commercial modeling software ChemLab. In 1986 he moved to sales and became in 1989 head of sales, Europe.

In 1999 he formed his own company AKos Consulting & Solutions GmbH, which sells chemoinformatics software, databases, and is a broker for more than 3 (now in 2015 more than 15) million screening compounds and building blocks. AKos GmbH also develops its own software, like PCC. Homepage: www.akosgmbh.eu, email: akos@akosgmbh.eu.

Greta Auf der Maur

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Frau Auf der Maur took over the compound business in 2005 and made it successfully the major AKos business. She has two coworkers Caroline D'Alwis and Bernard D'Alwis.